The basic structure of CNC milling machine


CNC milling machine CNC milling machine has various forms. Although different types of CNC milling machines are different in composition, they have many similarities. The following describes the composition of the XK5040A CNC vertical lifting table milling machine as an example. The 040A CNC vertical lifting table milling machine is equipped with an IV 4 3MA numerical control system, which adopts full digital AC servo drive. The machine tool consists of 6 main parts. That is, the bed part, the milling head part, the table part, the transverse feed part, the lifting table part, the cooling and lubrication part. The internal layout of the bed is reasonable and has good rigidity. There are 4 adjusting bolts on the base, which is convenient for the machine to adjust the level. The cutting fluid storage is located inside the machine base. Shanghai Linhui Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise dedicated to the manufacture of precision molds and parts. The company has a high-end production and testing equipment guarantee system and technical support system; it integrates precision mold research and development, precision parts processing, stamping, and finished product assembly. ; Have an efficient integrated system for the design, production and processing of ultra-high precision parts. The products cover the fields of communications, automotive connectors and precision electrical components. Extensive service in advanced technology manufacturing industries such as automotive and aviation.

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