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High Speed Section Materials CNC Series
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1. With Semi-closed or can be add a fully enclosed to ensure the safety of the operator
and environmental health .
2. Automatic chip conveyor with BT30 spindle guarantee high rigidity.
久久爱精品在免费线看3. Casting base machine ,suitable for high precision machining ,strong stability.

High Speed Section Materials CNC Series

high precision drilling machine

Technical parameters: system can optional installation according to customer requirements.

Working platformSize of working platformmm1700×5001800×5001800×600
Allowed max loadingkg400400800
Size of T-slotmm4×18×1254×18×1255×18×100
Machining scopeStroke:shaft Xmm160018001800
Stroke:shaft Ymm550550600(max650)
Stroke:shaft Zmm420Cutter change stroke 150)420Cutter change stroke150)620
Distance from main shaft end to working platform surfacemm150-720150-720160-780
The distance from main shaft center to vertical columnmm580580657
Main shaftMain shaft type/Direct connection typeDirect connection typeBelt type/Direct connection type
Awl hole/BT30BT30BT40
FeedingScope of cut feeding speedmm/min5-150005-150005-8000
Fast movingShaft Xm/min483030
Shaft Y36(48)36(48)36
Shaft Z484836
Cutter base             (Customer optional)Capacity of cutter basepcs16/21T16/21T24T
The max diameter of cutter(adjoin hole position)mm50(120)50(120)80(125)
The max length of cuttermm250250350
The max weight of cutterkg338
Time of change cutter(neighbour cutter)Sec1.61.61.6
Fixed position precision of three shafts X,Y and Zmm±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300
Repeat fixed position precision of three shafts X,Y and Zmm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300
Required air flowm3/min0.150.150.15
Weight of main machinekgAbout 3400About 4500About 6000

★Our company’s products are continue improving, please understand that we not inform specially if above datum have changes 

Note:subject to the actually quoted machine parameters

mini drill press

micro drill press

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